Perfect stratifications and theory of weights.

Título original Stratifications parfaites et théorie des poids.
Título inglés Perfect stratifications and theory of weights.
Título español Estratificaciones perfectas y teoría de los pesos.
Autor/es Navarro Aznar, Vicente
Organización Dep. Alg. Geom. Fac. Mat. Univ. Barcelona, Barcelona, España
Revista 0214-1493
Publicación 1992, 36 (2B): 807-825, 17 Ref.
Tipo de documento articulo
Idioma Inglés
Resumen inglés In this paper we emphasize Deligne's theory of weights, in order to prove that some stratifications of algebraic varieties are perfect. In particular, we study in some detail the Bialynicki-Birula's stratifications and the stratifications considered by F. Kirwan to compute the cohomology of symplectic or geometric quotients. Finally we also appoint the motivic formulation of this approach, which contains the Hodge theoretic formulation.
Código MathReviews MR1210021
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