A note on Sugihara algebras.

Título inglés A note on Sugihara algebras.
Título español Una nota sobre álgebras de Sugihara.
Autor/es Font, Josep M. ; Rodríguez Pérez, Gonzalo
Organización Dep. Lòg. Hist. Filos. Cien. Fac. Mat. Univ. Barcelona, Barcelona, España;Dep. Tèc. Empr. Esc. Univ. Est. Empr. Univ. Barcelona, Barcelona, España
Revista 0214-1493
Publicación 1992, 36 (2A): 591-599, 9 Ref.
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Idioma Inglés
Resumen inglés In [4] Blok and Pigozzi prove syntactically that RM, the propositional calculus also called R-Mingle, is algebraizable, and as a consequence there is a unique quasivariety (the so-called equivalent quasivariety semantics) associated to it. In [3] it is stated that this quasivariety is the variety of Sugihara algebras. Starting from this fact, in this paper we present an equational base for this variety obtained as a subvariety of the variety of R-algebras, found in [7] to be associated in the same sense to the calculus R of relevance logic, and we determine the totally ordered, the subdirectly irreducible, and the simple members of this variety, by using some consequences of the algebraizability of the logic RM (R-Mingle) with which they are associated.
Código MathReviews MR1209825
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